White Ceramic Mugs – These mugs can be used in the dishwasher and microwave, The image/text won’t wash or fade away

White Polymer Mugs – These are perfect for children as won’t break when dropped, these are also perfect for camping ./ garden use etc. The image/text won’t wash or fade away ( These can’t be used in the dishwasher or microwave as a polymer(plastic)

Sublimation printing is the application of sublimation inks onto a surface using a heat press to provide the required combination of heat, time and pressure.
This combination causes the inks to be converted from a solid to a gaseous state enabling them to penetrate the sublimatable surface so that a permanent, full colour image is formed.
The colour penetrates the surface of the item so that the result is colourful, long lasting and resistant to scratching unlike some other printing methods that merely print onto the surface of the item.
Dye sublimation printing is always done on a polyester, polymer, or polymer coated item. At high temperatures, the solid dye converts into a gas without ever becoming a liquid.
The same high temperature opens the pores of the polymer and allows the gas to enter. When the temperature drops, the pores close and the gas reverts to a solid state. It has now become a part of the polymer.
For this reason true dye sublimation cannot be done on natural materials such as 100% cotton. Natural fibres and non-coated materials have no “pores” to open.

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